This is a Song

This is a song for the birds that do not sing
for the overstuffed breasts and the deeply cut wings
for the cows who were too fat to kill yesterday
but who were captured and shipped off anyway
to die a brutal death
for the song of the dinner table.

This is a song for the tears that are shed
for those who sleep in fear and wake in dread
chained all day to iron posts
a little bit alive but mostly dead
clasping their hands and their hearts together
praying and hoping to become birds of a feather
dear god, make me a bird so i can fly far far away

This is a song for the birds that do not sing
for the man and woman who fight and die
bc there’s twice as much talking as there is listening
for the whales that cry into the dark of the night
their screaming voices blending with the blood in the water
as they are carried up into the light.
for the buffalo massacred across their homeland
stripped of their hides and sold by those
who stuff and scalp and torture and refuse to understand
the notes of the song of the bird that does not sing
the bird who is trapped and tied and destined for a life of suffering
those who no one hears wail into the peace of the night
the silence engulfing the pain in their plight
this is a song for that silence

This is a song for the silence of the lamb
for the betrayal and the disappearance of faith
for those whose hearts and minds are trapped at the gate
unable to break the bonds of captivity
not wanting to see whats beyond their ability
captured by the limitations of their eyes
not realizing that faith and love are nurtured inside
looking everywhere, no idea where to start
but the end of the last one
is the beginning of the next one
and your prayers and your dreams gotta come from the heart
otherwise whats the point
no pain no gain, ain’t that the truth

This is a song for the birds that cannot sing
because theyre overstuffed with mcdonalds and burger king
the largest market magazines trying to buy
more this bigger that greater fish to fry
but one day you realize its all just words
and all that ‘stuff’ you wish for just sounds absurd.
this is a song for the almighty advertising industry of America.

This is a song for the you and for the me
only with greed and with hate are we trained to see
nothings ever enough
always wanting more stuff
who are taught to take it from?
but all thats a changing
as our hearts and minds are fiercely escaping
choosing for ourselves how we want this world to be
setting first ourselves then other life forms free
reaching for our goals
making our ignorance and fear and hate unroll
into the darkness
where its supposed to be
and where its end will be beginning

as our joy and freedom dance
to the tune of the songs
of the birds that sing
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