So This Is Me, Then

Sweat is my cleanser and heat is my intensity. Tears are my release and smiling is my ecstasy. Dance is my expression and song is my desires. Sunrise is my potential and sunset is my reflection. Fish are my absurdity and meat my guilt. My home is my foundation and my country house is my tradition. Hiking is my peace and my introvert and skydiving is my novelty and my excitement. Reading is my learning and debating is my growth. Hugging is my energy and talking is my expanse. Space is my insecurity and waves are my challenge.

So this is what inspires me. Starry starry nights and gingerbread houses, purple crayons and flowers in bloom. Childhood giggles and brilliant sunlight, down comforters and matching socks. Music (too much to say here!) and ballet, African drumming, Indian dancing and 19th century philosophy. Smiling and laughter which transcends languages, fantasy tales and magic wands. Sign language and the loyalty of animals, the path of the sun. The chirping of crickets, coqui frogs, waterfalls, mountains. Dazzling lights and reaquainted friends, clean curtains and Easter bonnets. Lending a hand, songs by campfire, and the connecting of souls.

And faith is my guide
love is my life
and I.

And I. I am my passion.


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